40. 13 for ’13

There are two kinds of people in the world:

1. those who would go to Times Square for New Years Eve, and those who couldn’t be paid enough to go…pink &blue sunset

2. those who go out for New Year Eve, and those who stay home…Beaujolais in crystal

3. those who would rehab an old vacant house, and those who would look for a new one instead…Peeling paint

4. Savers and Pitchers…pottery pitcher

5. Dreamers and Doers…priming the cottage

6. those who love city streets, and those who love dirt roads…
Joe's sign

7. those who stay, and those who go…
vacant lawn chairs

8. those who love snow, and those who, uhmm… don’t…Snow on porch

9. those who take naps, and those who feel superior to those who take naps…
Cat napping

10. those who believe and those who scoff…Cross

11. those who look up and those who look down…Clouds and trees

12. those who eat their fruits and vegetables, and those who eat their meat’n potatoes…groundhog eating apple

13. those whose glass is half-empty and those whose glass is half-full…Crystal goblet at Christmas

At different times in our lives, we can be any of these.
Me? I have been all these people–a city lover, a country girl, a scoffer, a believer, an optimist, a pessimist, a dreamer, a doer…
Can we remember this?
Can we remember that our differences make this beautiful world what it is?
Can we let go of our prejudices, our prides, our preconceptions, our (fill in the blank here)… and love each other?

I wish you joy and love in 2013.

14 thoughts on “40. 13 for ’13

  1. “At different times in our lives, we can be any of these”
    How very true… it is what makes me not give up, the versatility of our inner worlds


    • It is true. I used to think I was wishy-washy, but there’s value in “seeing anew”. And then of course, our outer world changes can affect us as well. It’s all what makes life an adventure…


  2. I like this message – and great pictures. [But don’t get too attached to those lovely wine glasses… :) ]


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