99. Going, going, gone

It wasn’t too long ago when I wrote about this lovely chandelier and wished it gone from the ceiling!
Ox yoke chandelier

Mr. H.C read the post and kindly obliged two weeks later. But first there was electric work to be finished in the attic.
New chandelier
Have you seen these new bucket ceiling lights? They are all the rage in Europe. I’m sure you’ll be seeing them at your local Ikea soon. (Yes, we buy Kilz Primer by the five-gallon bucket.)

Then there were ceiling boards to prime and paint and nail up; but at the end of the day weekend, this is how the ceiling had changed. Presto. Change-o. (Well, not quite that fast…) A beautiful new old ceiling light.
Schoolhouse ceiling light

And I can’t resist one more view from the living room into the kitchen:
Schoolhouse lights

You can tell that the ceiling doesn’t yet have its final coats of paint, but we just couldn’t wait to see it without being yoked to that old chandelier.
Ahhh…. Life is good.

13 thoughts on “99. Going, going, gone

  1. Very nice. It appears to be a fixture from Rejuvenation. I was at Ikea yesterday but did not see the bucket lights…but then again I was trying to find the most direct route to the warehouse to pickup two dressers. Next time I’m just going to go against the flow at the check out area. You may want to hang on to that old fixture in case your little table gets a little to brash. Then again, when I was rewiring my old house I got tired of not having enough light in the attic and installed three porcelain fixtures to light the way. That may be a good place for the Ox-Yoke Chandelier.

    • Yes, Mr. H.C. is tired of wearing his hat light up there… I’m going to suggest it to him and see what he says. There is a tall peaked attic up there, so it could work…. He did just installl a 15 foot pull chain so he could turn on the far-away light from the entry to the attic.

      • Who else in the world could say they have a Ox-Yoke Chandelier in their attic? Talk about character. I have a switch at the attic entrance, that is illuminated, to turn the attic lights on…I think the firemen appreciated it when they came due to a faulty smoke alarm in the attic.

        • Mr. H.C. says he’s bumped his head enough on that chandelier, and he doesn’t want to bump his head in the attic too. We recycled some parts, but he says he’ll get more of a thrill watching it go up in smoke on the burn pile… You want it? :-)

          • Based on the fact that I am 6′-1″, I will politely pass on the opportunity to own this fine piece of kindling. But I think you should post a picture of it burning. It could be called “Burning Ox Lamp” :-D

  2. Is it weird that I actually like the old chandelier?? Maybe it’s just better in pictures? I wonder if someone will pick it up from the trash and paint it some “modern” shiny color like turquoise or salmon! Haha! That would be kind of funny! … However, I do like what you’ve done… the bead-board ceiling with the new fixture. Clean and simple as well as pretty.

    • Thank you! I took the picture judiciously, so it looks as if the ceiling is all finished. In reality there are still 14 more boards to go…

      Do you still have snow? We just got 4 inches!

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